Cause, Effect and “?” or Karma

Cause, Effect and “?” or Karma

We all love to win, some feel a need to cheat, a few feel the pangs of honesty. One thing is for certain though: We all experience the same cause, effect, karma, or “question mark of reality” ultimately. Cheating or honest, reality is here and we all experience it for good or for bad, we all pay the same dues for what we take whatever road we take ultimately.

When I think of existence fully, nothing is a given, we all have a definite choice of realities and how we perceive realities. A choice of honesty or dishonesty about it all. Without biting my tongue, I can honestly mean this, though: It all comes down to the causes within us, not outside of us, really and the reality that tips the scale of reality in our favor is honesty about what it takes to live in reality. The thing that tips the scale against us is dishonesty about what it takes to rationally live in reality however gilded and well sold the wrong view, it is still wrong and ultimately end up wrong. When it is said that honesty is the best policy, that is not just great advice, that is basic reality ultimately. After all, even in Scientology, they say that basic lying is the lowest order of creativity and I always repeat to others and myself that genuine honesty, especially with yourself, is the highest order of creativity. Now, I am not saying that I am perfect and only and exclusively practice honesty. I am really intimating that I practice the full scale honestly, from the lowest to the highest when I need to practice it, to my genuine and full advantage that works genuinely to my benefit. Which means I have genuinely good intentions for myself and others.

Perfection, after all, is a genuinely mind created concept, but benefit or deficit is a very objective and real concept. Enter the reality of cause and effect, if a wrong action is taken as a cause, there will be a bad effect. If a right action is taken as a cause, ultimately there will be a good effect. It is all in the genuine “flight plan” of existence that it all works this way. So, we need realistic understanding, control and patient honesty to deal with it all, no cheating. Cheating always ends with cheating ourselves anyhow, especially getting away with “beating the system”. For, indeed, long after you have gotten away with it, the ultimate payment is facing yourself. With genuine honesty, the ultimate benefit is facing yourself. That is the difference, that is reality.

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