Everything You Need to Know About Sri Ram Global School

Everything You Need to Know About Sri Ram Global School

Sri Ram Global School is a top school in Greater Noida. It is the best choice for a student’s all-round development in academics and extracurricular activities. It helps each individual out there to realize their potentials and enhance their skills. The School has a co-education system, and the institution is well-known for its excellence and quality education. Sri Ram Global School enables students to express their potential and makes them learn beyond the classroom. They foster the students to become a good human and a successful citizen of the country. It emphasizes a positive relationship between teachers and parents, which is very important for a child’s success.

School infrastructure

The School is based on the extensive land of four acres. The whole area is under CCTV surveillance for the highest security. This is the best facility that SRGS provides. You might not find this facility in all other lists of schools in Greater Noida. It also has high-speed Internet connections to deliver interactive sessions to students. The virtual reality labs help the students to understand the concept in the best way.

Study facilities

The Sri Ram Global School enlists its name in the list of top schools in Greater Noida. The classrooms at SRGS are small to hold a maximum count of 24 students. Sri Ram Global School has experienced and well-trained teachers to teach the school curriculum. When there are fewer students in a class, the teachers can give their utmost attention and importance to all the students, and students will also get their doubts cleared easily by their teachers. The extremely trained faculties implement the academic curriculum. It also has STEM labs, science labs with a peaceful environment for better learning.

Extracurricular activities

The Sri Ram Global School is one of the top five schools in Greater Noida as it focuses mainly on the overall development of students.

The art facilities at SRGS include studios for visual: clay modeling, sand art, paper sculpture, pottery, recycling, music, drama, and dance.

Literary Experiences include creative writing events, article writing competitions, debates, and group discussions.

The School offers useful Sports structures under qualified coaches, and sports facilities are Outdoor sports like cricket and football, indoor sports like skating, badminton, swimming, Junior gyms, etc.

Transport Facilities

The School provides excellent Transport facilities for effortless commuting of students also the transport crew is well-acquainted and educated.

SRGS is a perfect choice for your child

The staff and teachers here are very dedicated to their profession and make sure that all the students improve their academic and extracurricular activities and prepare them for their future after schooling. The STEM labs at SRGS train and deliver knowledge to students to keep up the pace in this ever-changing world. The classrooms here are small to hold a few students to get the utmost attention from their lectures.

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