5 Reasons Pandemic Cases Keep Growing

5 Reasons Pandemic Cases Keep Growing

Rather than trying to blame any nation, government, and/ or, individual, for the virus, responsible for this horrific pandemic, wouldn’t it make, far more sense, to proceed, forward, in a well – considered, logical way, to minimize, and reduce, the suffering, pain, ramifications, and duration, of the current situation? What does it mean, when someone says, Enough is enough? To some, especially, many who seem to be the core supporters of President Donald Trump, it seems to mean, they believe their supposed rights, and freedoms, are more important than the overall, health, and well – being of others. To others, this statement indicates, we need a significant change, in direction, so, we have leaders, who are ready, willing, and able, to effectively, follow the advice, and direction, recommended, by the experts! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, pandemic cases, keep rising.

1. The example, set by this President: When, President Trump, continues to use a combination of denials, blaming, and apparently, minimizing the risks of this horrific pandemic, it tends to put, the public at risk! We know, although, we only have, less than 5% of the world’s population, we have experienced, over 20% of the cases, and fatalities, world – wide, we should be able to do better! Holding rallies, during a pandemic, ignoring the need for social distancing, and wearing a mask, sets the wrong example, to his core supporters, etc.

2. Claiming he’s immune: Proclaiming, his recent, apparent bout, with the virus, and overcoming it, makes him immune, and claiming, he feels great, opposes the facts, and science, and public health statements, and advice! There is no scientific evidence, anyone is immune, and, especially, so close, to when he is infected, appears to be a somewhat, reckless approach!

3. Minimizing risks: Public health experts state, if everyone (or the vast majority) wore a mask, it would significantly reduce the infection rate, so, why, are some, so hesitant, to do so! Why would people, ignore the risks, and their personal responsibilities, in order to satisfy, a reckless desire, to proceed, carelessly?

4. Every large gathering has risks: Although, the experts, warn, of the dangers of crowds, especially, if they do not wear masks, of respect, social distancing, Trump continues, holding rallies, and minimizing the risks, joking about his political opponents, wearing masks, and not having crowds! Every time, he has done so, he has become, somewhat, of, a super – spreader, with adverse impacts. When others see him doing this, they are more apt, to hold their own functions, which, has almost always, created health risks, etc!

5. GOP enablers: When many politicians, in his political party, also, minimize the need to wear a mask, and use social spacing, it enables, Trump, and his core supporters, to continue, this irresponsible behavior!

How many more must die, and/ or, be infected, before we take this seriously, wear a mask, use social distancing, and properly wash our hands, and surfaces? We need sane leadership, which encourages following common sense, and listens to the public health experts, in order to bring an end, to this horrific pandemic!

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