Success Traps

Success Traps

Being successful is the goal. When we look to want to change our lives for the better we look to becoming a success. But what can happen to keep us from ever reaching our goals? I call these robbers “Success Traps.”

These are traps designed to make us more comfortable with being average than we should be. It leads us to those places in life where good enough is actually good enough for us. Your two kids can sleep in a twin bed instead of bunk beds or their own beds. You can have 1 car that everyone in the family shares instead of the 2 cars you so desperately need. Maybe you have a job and you are so grateful even though your job barely pays you enough to keep your head above water and you know each day you are there that you will never have enough to do more than survive.

Going from “not enough” to “just enough” to “more than enough” is the key to finding and living in real success. Many of us come from a place of not enough. We cannot make ends meet, we may have to go to bed hungry some nights and our kids get use to living their lives without some of the things their other classmates have available. From there we come into just enough where we can now stay afloat and our family is not drowning. It’s like wading in the water 100 feet from shore; too far to feel the earth under your feet but close enough to swim to shore if need be.

Our goal in life should be to get to the place where we operate with more than enough. This is not hoarding or wasteful; it is merely an expression of the kind of world God wants us to live in. If you have 2 children its OK they each have a bed or bunk beds. They should not be limited to always sleeping in one bed. If you have multiple drivers in your house its OK to have more than one vehicle.

Having an abundance does 2 things for you; one, it allows you to not worry so much because you know there is extra. Two if someone else has needs you can help them without jeopardizing what you and your family needs. Don’t fall into a less than enough trap. Get all that you can to make sure you practice abundance thinking in all areas of your life.

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