Your Health and Nutrition Goals Have Never Been Easier Thanks to the Hot Dynamism Biohack Radioshow!

Your Health and Nutrition Goals Have Never Been Easier Thanks to the Hot Dynamism Biohack Radioshow!

With only 27 radio shows produced, Dynamism Biohack reached #1 on iHeartRadio and #2 on iTunes! The hunger for truth and righteousness is enormous, and yet at the same time, living with conscious choice has been largely rejected. The error that our fate is the result of our genetics, our family inheritance, stops most people in their tracks from learning about conscious choice. They become Caged people because the stench of defeat is too great to bear, so why try? Why would they change their life if they can live without the consequence?

The training in your hand holds the answer to that question. The truth is; everything has a consequence. There are no consequence-free choices, no consequence-free meals, no consequence-free sedentary lifestyle, no consequence-free mindsets, and everything has its own consequence. The consequence is the core reason we need to learn how to become a Dynamic person. We need to learn how to live an authentic life.

In this training, we’re going to explore the authentic life. We’re gonna look at science in a new way, we’re gonna welcome optimistic challenge and why we need a new model in healthcare; one that shifts away from sickness/crisis intervention into the new health promotion model; how to get and stay well for a lifetime. Were gonna define healthology, a term not yet in the dictionary, or the study of health. Were gonna break open the bones of dinosaurs and discover what our connected DNA really have to do with our health outcome. All that, to lead us into a concept your doctor doesn’t know about, it’s called the Species Specific concept, in other words, the genetic requirements for one species are different from another species. All of this and so much more…

America is thirsting for simplicity. Dr. Matt takes the complex in science and simplifies it in language that can be actualized by anyone who wants to lose weight, prevent and reverse disease, and get and stay fit for life. The mission is simple. By studying what all the experts say on the subject of health, nutrition, fitness, and mindset, take their strengths from each and exploit the weaknesses of each; we could define a new ideology, a new faction. We could transform our sickness/crisis based care into a true wellness culture.

“Not getting sick in the first place” needs to be the new norm in America. America’s top chiropractor, Dr. Matt Hammett shows how to take complex things and simplify them into everyday life. With only 27 shows to date, this is the fastest growing biohacking podcast available and let me assure you, it is not by accident. After over ten years of preparation, Dr. Matt is sharing the strengths and exposing the weakness from various expert opinion, taking the complex, and making it simple. As he puts it, “lighten up, move better and live fuller… Because health is a fruit that is grown and earned”. – Dr. Matt Hammett

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