Advantages of Pet for Autism and Old Age

Advantages of Pet for Autism and Old Age

The way pets bond with humans is magical. They lift up our spirits and make living easy for us. Their relationship with the children and the elderly is very beneficial for both the parties. Many studies have shown that pet therapy is a good way to treat autism in children; it helps in increasing their self-confidence and other skills. In the elderly, the pet therapy has the ability to boost general health and well-being. We already know how life changes after getting a pet and how their mere presence in our lives makes it worth every ounce of pain it takes to care for them. Let us explore in depth how the pets improve our lives.

Pets and Autism
? Dogs are the most preferred animal for therapy, especially for autistic children.

? Parents with autistic children have noted that their children feel better and do better around the pet. They are also surprised by the strong bond their child shares with the pet.

? The child laughs, talks, and displays a positive social behaviour when he has a furry companion along with him. Researches also show that animals can reduce the anxiety, depression and fear that many people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) feel.

? There are dogs that are specially trained to be with autistic people; they are different from the regular guide dogs. Therapy dogs can improve communication skills, oversee the safety and can even serve as an ‘icebreaker’ in socially awkward situations for their guardians.

? When other humans are not able to understand, what an autistic person is trying to convey, animals come to the rescue. Since their bond with humans has always been non-verbal, they can communicate with them without any difficulty.

? Autistic children are more vulnerable to bullying by their peers, which is another reason they find solace in animals because of the non-judgemental companionship offered by them.

Pets and Elderly
? For the elders, pets can have emotional, mental as well as physical health benefits. They improve communication and the ability to reminisce.

? Many elders, who are unresponsive to other forms of therapies, chat and bond really well with the animals. They feel more alive around the pet. The pets motivate them and thereby, improving their physical health.

? A frequent interaction with a pet benefits the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, it has been found that those who own a pet take care of themselves better; for they know there is a life depending on them.

? Elders with pets are socially more active. Walking pets allow them to stay updated with their neighbourhood and a regular conversation with them, which in turn reduces their loneliness.

? There is an increased involvement in the activities. They are very less dwelling in the memories of past. This further reduces their anxiety and stress and they are happier.

? People with a pet, especially the elders, find a sense of purpose which increases their self-esteem as they do not have to depend on some human to accompany them. Knowing that they are loved and needed enhances their mental health.

So we can see that pets enhance our lives magically by the unconditional love they give. In return, all they want some attention care and good food. There is no reason to not have a pet. To train your dog for being more empathic with the elders and children, find a suitable trainer with us.

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