Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways to Be the Best Dad and Husband

Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways to Be the Best Dad and Husband

; Do you want to be the best dad and husband to your family?

If you crave to be the best for your family, then you are not alone. The wish of every father is to have the best family; children that will call him dad, and a wife that can address him as the Lord.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to achieve that. Granted, there are little things to do.

The question is what are those little things?

1) Understand your role as the father and the husband

Your first role as the father is to take care of the children, be there when you are needed, and protect them from harm.

Be the best for your wife, protect her, and provide for her. Be sure she is always happy.

2) Be A Positive Dad.

There are bound to be so many ups and downs as you play your fatherly and husband’s role. To scale through, you’ve got to play positively always.

Your family members are looking up to you and will never love to be around a negative dad.

Let your children also learn the importance of thinking positively from you, so it will imbibe in them as well.

3) Be attentive To Your Families Needs.

It’s your responsibility to fend for your family. Therefore do all there is so you won’t fail in your responsibility.

So make you know what their needs are and meet them, if not, you will likely regret it in due time.

4) Be The Good Listener

Another way to be the best dad and husband is to always pay close attention to whatever your wife and your children want to say.

Look them straight in the eyes as they tell you their mind; don’t interrupt or try to solve the problems immediately.

Be calm until you figure out the best ways to solve the issues.

5) Never Criticize Or Judge Anyone.

Your children and wife which to always share their minds with you, however, the moment you start criticizing or judging them, they will start closing up, and your communication with them will cease.

If you want your wife and children to always have open communication with you, you must know how to communicate effectively with them.

Find the appropriate ways to make yourself understood and not by criticizing or judging them.

6) Have Family Time.

This sounds simple, but it’s one of the ways to be the best dad and husband.

Your entire family needs time and attention from you. It is during your family time you’ll have time to know your family’s needs. The impact of this time can’t be underestimated: It helps the children to feel loved and the entire family to feel secured.

7) Your Couples Time Is Also Important.

Don’t pay more attention to your children and neglect your wife; remember that your children will grow up one day and leave the house. Only you and your partner will be left alone.

Therefore, as you strive to be the best father, concentrate on being the best husband too. Don’t play with your couple’s time.

At least spend 15 minutes every day together as a couple.

8) Always Work As A-Team.

Teamwork is what will differentiate you from other men. Let everything you do reflect the fact that you and your spouse are always on the same page.

Let your teamwork be obvious to your children; they should see it from the ways you split the house works and from your parental duties.

If you haven’t been working as a team, then ask your spouse how you can support her to make things work better.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you work as a team.

9) Exercise Self Control Always.

Having self-control is another great characteristic of a good husband. If you can’t control yourself, then you are not fit to control your family.

A self-controlled father knows how to control his sexual urge, relationship with other women as well as what he eats or drink.

Being self-control gives you the power to also control your family.


It doesn’t take much to be whatever you want to be, you only need to add a little effort and then you are on your way to achieve your goal.

In order words, if you want to be the best dad and husband, you only have to plan what to do to be the best dad.

To save your time, I have written down some steps you can follow in this post. Just read it carefully and follow the steps; you will be amazed at how things will unfold.

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