Move On, Review/ Learn And Correct, Seek To Improve?

Move On, Review/ Learn And Correct, Seek To Improve?

If, it seems to you, very little, of genuine consequence, occurs, in terms of, relevant – progress, in how, those elected, to serve and represent us, do their duties, you are, certainly, not, the only one! However, as citizens, and voters, too often, people, simply, continue complaining about, what was, rather than, focusing on the best – path – forward! Each of us, must, determine, whether, we will, either, move – on, review, learn and correct our approaches, etc, and/ or, focus on ways to improve, and achieve more, in a true manner! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these three approaches, and discuss, each one’s positives, and negatives, and why they matter!

1. Move – on: When you don’t get your way, regarding, what you consider, true priorities, in terms of national policies, etc, will you simply, move – on, and, either, seek a different approach, and/ or, compromise, or give – up! Basically, will your idealism, be a help, or a hindrance? Will you be willing to compromise, for the greater good, understanding, American politics, is, often, partisan, and, thus, unless, idealism, and pragmatism, align, all you will witness, is the same – old, same – old, and constant procrastination! Doesn’t it, make sense, to be a pragmatic idealist, and seek incremental achievement, rather than, none?

2. Review, learn and correct: If, we learn, from the past, and review, learn, correct, and change, the way, we proceed, in order to use, a step – by – step, focus, in order to make some distance, even if not achieving, all our aspirations, isn’t that, a better path, than, getting, nothing done, and achieved? The definition of insanity is to continue doing things, the same way, and expect, different results!

3. Improve, consistently: Each of us, must demand, those, we elect, to serve and represent us, consistently, proceed, with an emphasis on the greater good, seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, if we hope, to secure a better, more sustainable future, for generations, to – come! Rather than dwelling, on, what could – have been, or complaining about something, a previous, public official did (or failed, to do), etc, we must, personally, improve, in terms of our mind – sets, and realize, the most achievable path, is often, proceeding, step – by – step, and accepting, incremental improves, rather than achieving, nothing, of consequence!

While, it’s normal, and, okay, to disagree, and, even, blame, a politician, for his decisions, and/ or, actions, we must look at the bigger – picture, and seek to address future needs, etc! Are you, willing to become a more – responsible, voter?

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