The Difference Between Good – Enough, Trying Harder, And Your Utmost, Genuine Excellence!

The Difference Between Good – Enough, Trying Harder, And Your Utmost, Genuine Excellence!

How one, pursues life, and proceeds, forward, often, determines, and differentiates between, good – enough, simply, trying harder, and demanding, your utmost degree of genuine excellence, often, makes the difference, between, becoming the best, you can possibly, be, and/ or, settling for good – enough, and taking some path, of least convenience! After, over four decades, of conducting about a thousand, personal development/ self – help programs, etc, I strongly, believe, your final results, in life, often, depend upon, a combination of your actions, mind – set, attitude, aptitude, and skill – set, and, whether, you live, life, proactively, or trying to put – off, until tomorrow, what you should have, already done (procrastination)! With, that in mind, this article will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the differences, between these processes, and why, your choice, of pat, taken, often, dictates, your, end – results, etc!

1. Good – enough: Many of us, settle for, good – enough, because, we feel, it is, simpler, easier, and less stressful! While, for some, this may be true, it also, often, becomes, self – limiting, because, it hinders, seeking to effectively, reach and use, the full – degree of our personal potential! When, we proceed, this way, we often, remain within the self – imposed, limitations of our comfort zone, and, instead of, proceeding, with an open – mind, and well – developed, and utilized, relevant, imagination, settle for, convincing ourselves, we are satisfied, with the same – old, same – old! This category, probably, is the largest group, because, it, often, requires less effort, and/ or, effectiveness, and many, are attracted to doing, as little, as they believe, they might get – away, with!

2. Simply, trying harder: Some, hoping to improve, and enhance, their lives, often, by, simply, deciding to try harder, consistently, instead of putting – forth, a lesser effort, and focus! While, this, generally, helps, it rarely, helps, becoming one’s personal best! It is usually, up to each individual, whether, to accept, from their self, the same – old, same – old, a little better effort, and/ or, demanding, their highest degree of personal, genuine, excellence!

3. Using one’s utmost, genuine excellence: While, it, generally, takes more time, and effort, to demand one’s utmost degree of genuine excellence, those, who proceed, through life, with this degree of discipline, commitment, and clear – focus, are, usually, the only ones, who, consistently, becoming the best, they can possibly be!

Which way will you proceed, through life? What are your goals, and aspirations, etc, and, what are you really, willing, to do, to maximize your chances, of achieving, them?

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