You Say, Taking A Vaccination Is A Personal Decision?: Think Again!: 5 Examples

You Say, Taking A Vaccination Is A Personal Decision?: Think Again!: 5 Examples

Although, the vast majority of Americans, seemed to consider the possibility of a vaccination for the virus, which created this recent pandemic, a potential savior, in order to protect them, and let them resume, some semblance, of a return to a normal – type, life, it seems, too many, for a variety of reasons, refuse to get vaccinated! Some of these individuals, believe a conspiracy theory, or consider it, a political symbol, etc, we often hear, these people state, whether or not, they get a vaccines, is a personal choice, etc! If you, really, believe, that, you are ignoring several, significant realities/ facts/ factors, because, when it comes to public health, for the greater good, common sense should tell – you, your actions (whether you take some, or avoid them), often, affect others! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, which indicate, those, proceeding with those assumptions, should, think again.

1. Impact on others who aren’t vaccinated: Public health experts tell us, the horrific pandemic, caused by a COVID – type virus, is now, being driven, by, a variety of variants, and, the only way, to avoid, we don’t revert – back, to health – threatening, conditions, is if, at least, 70% of the population, takes the shot! At present, the most threatening, variant, seems to be, something, referred to, as, Delta variant, which, has created a significant increase in cases, largely, affecting the unvaccinated. At present, experts tell us, 97% or more, of the hospitalizations (and deaths), are, among, those, who haven’t taken the injections! Unvaccinated people are infecting, predominantly, others, who, also, haven’t, helped themselves, by protecting them, by following the science!

2. Children under 12: At present, no shot, has been approved, for those, under 12. Therefore, adults, who decide, it is their right, to refuse, to take any vaccine, potentially, may harm these children, as well as each others!

3. People with immune deficiencies: Some people, are, more, at – risk, because they have certain, immune deficiencies, and/ or, related conditions! It is believed, that, while the vaccines, appear to be, over 90% effective for others, these compromised people, are, more, at – risk!

4. Others, who are vaccinated: There have been some cases, of people, being infected, even though, they are vaccinated! However, it is believed, they have been, largely, protected, against the most – serious effects!

5. Ending horrific pandemic: Experts claim, the only way, we will, return to normal, and end the horrific pandemic, is when, we reach, herd – immunity, or somewhere, close, to that! It is believed, this will require, at least 70% of the population, are effectively, treated! Therefore, anyone, who claims, it is their right, and freedom, to refuse any treatments, etc, is, ignoring how their behavior, affects the greater good!

We all, want to see the end of this horrific pandemic, and a return to a healthier, saner, more – normal, life! Whether, you like it or not, your behavior, has a significant effect, on others!

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